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Brooch Ocean Blue Pin

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Navy with Turquoise Spots


Choose from a collection of unusual pretty Brooches and Corsages which are handmade from many materials including Felt, Net, Handmade Beads, and Buttons.
Each Corsage Brooch is hand stitched and cut from Michelle’s unique pattern. Time and care has been put into designing and making each piece by hand.
The Flower Brooches have a centre piece of a handmade spotty bead which makes them fun and unusual.
The pin brooches are unusual and fun, made from polymer clay and look great on the lapel of a jacket or would help to jazz up any hat.
The swirl Brooches are quirky and fun, made from a mix of handmade felt and manufactured felt. This is an interesting contrast of texture and colour and these brooches look cool and modern and can be added to any jacket or handbag. Many people say that they look like Sushi and other people say that they look like lollipops. I think this shows how fun and entertaining they are and they will definitely create a fun conversation when you wear one.


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